The deal maker

At REIPS, we have the knowledge and experience to sucessfully venture and operate in the following property profiles:

  • Multi-unit residential
  • Renovation
  • Development
  • Lease Options
  • Wholesale
  • Commercial

Investment Strategies

Wholesale - Hassle-free Investing

Looking for a deal?

Rely on REIPS, where we have done all the headache of structuring, negotiating, and due diligence. 

This way, you can spend more time on what really matters. 

Joint Venture

With 7+ years of investing and development experience, along with our "off the charts" creativity, we will provide you will worry free investments without you being a landlord. 

Just leave everything to the REIPS team.

Registered Lending - Guaranteed income

Use your RRSP / TFSA  / LIRA / RIFF and get higher returns while having your money secured same as a bank.

Become a private lender earning 7%  or more!. 

Meet the Executive

Kenneth Tung - CEO (founder)

Kenneth, founder of REIPS, has his post secondary education in Industrial Engineering. His analytical mind and passion for Real Estate Investment has lead the company to a success that many desire. 

He founded REIPS 8 years ago and started doing Rent-to-Owns. The company's portfolio expanded quickly acquiring 16 multi-units over 3 buildings in 18 months while completing 2 fixer uppers and a major development project. 

His systemic approach to Real Estate Investment and attention to details has helped dodge many pitfalls that would of been hard for many to get out.

Start investing with us

Invest with a peace of mind