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Benefits of buying a wholesale from REIPS

At REIPS, we believe that if we are going to assign a contract to someone else, we should be willing to purchase the property. 

If a deal does not meet our standards, we won't be wholesaling it. 

So invest with a peace of mind and trust that our due dilligence process and structuring will result in amazing deals. 

Due Dilligence

We go through a 10 point due diligence process, allowing us to properly assess the investment's risk.

  1. Risk and Cash flow Analysis
  2. Comparables Analysis
  3. Zoning Verification
  4. Area Analysis 
  5. Appraisal
  6. Building Inspection
  7. Development Analysis
  8. Electrical Safety Authority certificates
  9. Environmental (Phase 1, 2 & 3) Study
  10. Property Management Assessment


We structure our deals to maximize the returns, so the deal can yield the maximum bang for the buck. Key points that we focus on:

  • Negotiating and structuring
  • Long term Strategic development
  • VTB

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